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Laterite brick making


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Interlocking bricks

11]. Can you come and help me mold my bricks on my site?

Answer- No. Bolyn constructions company limited will not be directly involved in the physical brick making on individual customer site but we can introduce those who we know can  make the bricks for you. We also will be encouraging you to identify unemployed citizens of your community that are interested to make brick making their vocation, we will train them to make the bricks and you will be contributing to the alleviation of poverty in your community.

12]. How much do you sell the bricks if I desire to buy the bricks as against buying the machine?

Answer- It is not advisable for you to buy bricks even from anyone in your town or village, rather you are to secure the brick machine to your site because of the high cost of transportation of bricks. Bricks despite it small sizes are dense, without hole and weigh as much as 8kilogramme per one.  Moving of bricks from site to site is not to be encouraged. Note that the cost of transporting the quantities of bricks that will be enough to build a house is more than enough to buy the brick press.

13]. How many bricks do I require for my house? Can you help me to calculate the numbers?

Answer- You can roughly assume that 1,000nos Standard bricks will be enough for a Standard room of 12ft by 10feet [3.6m by 3.om]. However, we advise you to obtain any of our publications that contain more information on estimation.

14]. Will all bricklayers be able to lay bricks to build the house for me or who can lay the bricks for me after production?

Answer- All Bricklayers are able to lay bricks especially the Standard bricks. However, we are able to introduce you to Bricklayers for the special brickwork or house design and decoration.

15]. Can Walls that are made with Laterite bricks be plastered without the plaster peeling off in the future?

Answer- Laterite brick houses are plaster-able and those who follow good quality building procedures such as the provision of damp proof course, good roof etc. will not loose their plastering work at any time in the foreseeable future.

16]. Why are bricks so small? Can you make bigger bricks such as the sizes of Sandcrete blocks?

Answer- Bricks have universal standards that are recognized all over the world. Our Standard Organization of Nigeria also have written the standard to be adopted in Nigeria, we all must accept the standard and avoid anything that is substandard. The bricks are not too small, the size produced by our Bolyn Standard brick press is 290mm by 140mm by 100mm and this is the maximum size approved for housing in most part of the world.

17]. How strong are the bricks made with Laterite Cement mixture?

Answer- Very well compressed bricks are strong and dense and without holes. They are load bearing bricks. They are good enough to be used for a one one storey structure/building.

18]. Can I apply paint directly on my Cement stabilized brick walls or what can I do to beautify my walls as I love the natural beauty of bricks?

Answer- It is possible to paint directly on walls made with Cement stabilized bricks, both emulsion and gloss paint will hold to the walls. There are also Brick decorators that are available to assist you with the polishing of your brick walls.

19]. What is the structural performance of a Soil cement brick house and how long can such building last?

Answer- The Cement stabilized Laterite brick  building is generally accepted and known to last a life time. There are examples all over Nigeria of houses constructed both by our Colonial master and the governments of the first republic that are still standing tall till today. Our advise to builders and interested users of the technology is that they follow the basic good practice of building construction.

20]. What is the difference between fired clay bricks and Cement stabilized bricks?

Answer- Fired clay bricks are made with clay that needed to be worked upon and then fired in a Kiln or Oven before they are used in building of houses, this type of bricks require skill to make and are usually bought from the company that make them. Whereas the Cement stabilized Laterite bricks that we promote uses the commonest soil [earth] with a little percentage of Cement that is commonly found in all market place to make durable, strong and cheaper bricks.



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