6, Bantale Adenuga Street,
Via Isawo Road, Agric Bus-stop,
After 2nd Mobil Fuel Station Off Dayo Oluyemi Street,
Ikorodu, Lagos State.
Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.00 pm
Sat 10:00 - 14:00 pm.

Looking for a quality and an affordable way to build and own a house?


ELDER RUFUS BOLYN BRICKS AND TILES ENTERPRISE, Manufacturer and Fabricator of Metal Products and have been promoting the use of brick presses that adopt laterite soil that is called Mud since 1991.

Our Vision

ELDER RUFUS BOLYN BRICKS AND TILES ENTERPRISE, is determined to solve Housing problems in Nigeria. Towards this end, we are committed to taking these Technologes of Building to all parts of Nigeria. Presently, we have it on Records that we have taken the Technologies to about 36 States

Mission statement

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurial growth by helping people with entrepreneurial potential, like you, to realize their dreams. And to assist you in exploring opportunities, launching new ventures, or growing your existing business by providing productive business

Bolyn Double Brick Press

Bolyn Interlocking Brick Press

Double brick press soil FILLER.

Bolyn Fibre-Concrete Roofing Roman tiles & Super semi roofing sheets making.


1995 & 1996: Best Exhibitor in local material sourcing & award winner for the best innovative technology - Nigeria Institute of Architects.

Awards winning
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