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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ans: Our brand of Brick Press whose original design we got from Germany is ruggedly built to resist abuses, and prevent overloading. It is guaranteed with a life of 1O(ten) years with minor maintenance. Daily oiling of moving parts with used engine oil will elongate the life of the machine. We will receive the equipments back in any of our offices and we can refurbish same at moderate cost for our customers.

Ans: Yes, we offer a 12 month guarantee against all defective manufacture. Such Brick Presses should be returned for exchange for a new one or repair of the defective parts.

Ans: A manual on how to install the Brick Press is available free to all customers and our technical crew will lecture customers on installation. However, if a customer insist on our men installing the Brick Press – they should be ready to bear the cost of transportation, accommodation (if required) and installation/supervision charges that can be quoted o.n request.

Ans: Buyer of our Brick Press will be privileged to collect the following as part of their package:¬

a) A one hour Video C.D on the Technology
b) A 24 pagesTechnical Manual on the Technology
c) A frog faced wooden pallet
d) An oiling brush
e) Holding down Bolts
f) Half Brick Metal
g) Lintel Wooden Pallet
h) Floor Wooden Pallet
i) Soil SCOOP
j) Soil Scrapper
k) Sample Interface Sheets
Q. Why are the Brick Presses all manually operated and not electrical or hydraulically operated?
Ans: Our level of development dictate that only manual/mechanical presses are to be recommended and prefered. Electricity is not constant or regular, fuel supply is not stable, prices are rising and availability is not guaranteed. Talk about maintenance / repair we do not have good artisans and mechanics to handle hydraulic equipments. Talk about cost, hydraulic and electrically operated presses will cost Nigerian in foreign Exchange that is very scarse, prices of a hydraulic machines is above =N=6,000,000.00

Ans: No, there is no need to fire a Mud/Earth/Laterite soil Brick since it can be dried by the sun. Laterite soil/Earth/Mud Is a sandy soil that contain very little clay, it is not a clayey soil.

Ans: Yes. It can be used, it has been used. The technology of upstairs and multistorey Building demand that a structural frame work be designed by a civil/structural engineer and once the columns, beams, slabs of re-inforced cement concrete or steel structural work etc. are in place, then any materials e.g Bricks/Blocks, Glass, Wood, Metal, Aluminium can be used to build. In most cases the mentioned materials act as Partitioning materials.

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