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21]. How can I use the multi purpose brick press to make 6six different brick types?

Answer- The Single or the Double multi purpose brick presses are supplied with pallets that allow you to make  Solid, Channel, Floor, Kerb, Half and Coping bricks by simply inserting any one of the pallets to achieve your desired purpose.

22]. Can you confirm if the Brick presses can be automated or hydraulically/electrically powered?

Answer- Bolyn constructions company limited is not planning the above at this time because of the level of acceptance of the technology at the moment. We hope to give this a consideration when the level of awareness is increased and we have guarantee that we will get enough patronage. Since this is going to be a capital intensive venture in terms of Fabrication machinery, a lot planning is needed before venturing in to such project etc.

23]. Can we use Stabilized bricks to build multi storey buildings?

Answer- Yes, All multi storey buildings have structural work that are to be designed by the Engineer who will allow for the weights of all the needed bricks to be used in the walling of the house plus other loads. Note that once the structural framework for the house is in place, bricks become partitioning materials only.

24]. Why is the Federal and State government not using this technology in their housing delivery?

Answer- The various level of government acknowledged the importance and the need to adopt this technology in the housing of the low and medium income earners. The lack of good planning and the endemic corruption at all levels of governance have been some of the impediments.

25]. Does the Standard Organization of Nigeria recognize/approve this technology?

Answer- Yes, they do. This writer participated several years ago in the technical discussions that culminated in the approval of the Nigerian standards for the Cement stabilized bricks for use in Nigeria.

26]. What percentage savings can I get if I use Stabilized bricks for the construction of my house?

Answer- Stabilized bricks are for the walling of buildings and depending on the percentage of the Cement used in the mixture of Soil Cement bricks, this savings also will vary. Conservatively, it is known that a saving of up to  30 to  50% in your walling cost have been made by practitioners that are able to supervise their purchases and who are able to guide against wastage.

27]. Can I pay for the Brick making machine by installment?

Answer- Yes, Bolyn constructions company limited allow for installment payment, although the client will have to wait until full payment to take delivery of the machine/s.

28]. Can these bricks be made during the raining season?

Answer- Cement stabilized bricks can be made during the raining season. However, we expect that the workmen will stop work when it is raining and cover up their production. They can resume work when the rain subside, it is to be noted that it does not rain every day or every hour even in the raining season.

29]. Can you accept to build my house for me as a contract?

Answer- No. Bolyn constructions company limited specialize in Machine fabrication, sale and marketing, training in the use of the machines and consultancy in all related area for those who buy any of our products.

30]. What is the cost of a 3three bedroom house?

Answer- The answer to this is neither here or there, No one can give you a definitive figure of the price of any house for the following reasons viz: a]. No 2two designs are same. b]. Prices of building materials differ from one location to the other and is not stable all year round. We advise that individual involve an estimator who can help you arrive at the price, even as we have a publication titled “Build your own house” that gives you a guide , a person with a fair knowledge of building construction can use this guide to arrive at price.



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  • Hope

    Please what are the assessories that come along with the interlocking block moulding machine?

    • Bolyn

      The Accessories that come with the Interlocking Brick making machine are 1. Half brick metal, 2.Channel brick wooden insert, 3. Soil scoop, 4.Soil scrapper, 5. 4nos Holding down bolts and nuts, 6. Oiling brush, 7. Sample Interface sheets and Lever pole bolt and nut.

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