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Build your house with less money.


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There is a type of bricks that most individuals can easily participate in producing, these type of bricks can be used for building cheaper houses. The type of the bricks is the standard bricks that require Cement mortar for the joining of the bricks into walls. The bricks are made using the Laterite soil called Mud or Filling sand. A very little Cement can be mixed into the soil to make the bricks or we can make the bricks without Cement. We all know that housing is one of the essentials of life and it is known that millions of our African brothers are living without any roof over their heads. It is sometimes pitiable that despite the injunction of God asking us to go to the Ants to learn from them, majority of us are still unable to think through this dilemma of homelessness. God have deposited in Africa and the tropical countries of the world Laterite soil called Mud, which our fathers and forefathers used for the construction  of their houses. They did this without modern technology of building construction and this caused some of the houses to quickly disintegrate. It is to be noted that some world best architectures  were constructed with Mud and these structures have lasted for centuries. This Mud or Filling sand that is called Laterite soil is rich in gravel, sand, clay and silt, this combination enable bricks to be easily formed after water is added to the combination. The mixture is then compressed by any of the hand operated presses available in the market. The molded bricks only require sun drying as against the expensive firing in the oven or kiln.

In order to be able to build and own a house made with bricks, we require to own a land upon which to build.  Taking a cue from the ants, who will never build a massive-larger house much greater than their need. The average persons only need a small piece of land to build on, they do not need a whole_full plot of land [36.o metre by 18.o metre] to build their living accommodation. Several persons can join hands together to acquire a plot of land and still achieve their purpose of owning their living accommodation with a portion of the land owned by the group. Those interested in building a small house can find the needed Laterite soil on their land while those desiring a bigger house can source their Laterite soil from the nearest deposit and use the Tipper lorry deliver it to their construction site. The brick press is not expensive and as such individuals and a group of persons can come together in a co-operative to have access to it. Most young adult that are of house ownership age have abundant energy that can be expended on their construction site during their holidays and free times to mold enough bricks to build their house.


1]. Build a small house, that you can improve upon in later years.

2]. Adopt some DO IT YOURSELF [self and family and friends] options in participating in some aspect of your housing construction. This can help to conserve fund that would have been paid to external labor.

3]. Use locally available materials such as Laterite soil that can be found on your land to build. This soil can be used without cement to form building bricks that can be used in some areas of your house construction.

4]. Adopt a low Cement option in areas where this is possible and build during the dry season when it is dry.

5]. Avoid the costlier option of using the conventional LINTEL AND FLOORING COMPONENTS, you can use the Channel and Flooring bricks produced by Bolyn brick presses, these will reduce the cost in such areas where this is done.

6]. Non plastering of the external walls of the house save you money. Plastering and painting in the earlier years of occupancy can be delayed till you have more fund at a later date.

7]. Adopt a direct labor and use task workmen in the sourcing of all your inputs.

8]. You can build initially with less expensive and non fashionable building materials [Doors, Windows, Flooring etc.]. These items can be changed to a higher grade materials at a later time.

9]. There is a simply Septic and soak away system that is really affordable and hygienic that can be adopted as against the conventional Septic tank.

10]. Do not hesitate to build your house in a remote area where land will be cheaper because development is often faster than you can imagine and land usually appreciate over time.

Heaven they say help those who help themselves, note that you need to hold the Bull by the horn, nothing good comes easy. Some want to wait till they hit a jackpot or go a borrowing to build a palatial house, yes, this is good for some folk. The above treatise is not written for those whose employment guarantee them a good condition of employment but those who are struggling to make end meet. Seek knowledge and wisdom from experienced persons who are willing to assist you achieve your housing needs. This writer advised someone in Ikorodu, Lagos state who have a problem paying his house rent and was at the point of ejection several years back. This person today is a happy owner of 4[four] bedroom house, he got his soil from his land and molded his bricks using a rented Bolyn brick making machine to build his house.


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